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Voronovo region

The Voronovo region is located in the north of Grodno oblast. It was founded on January 15, 1940. The area of the region is 1.5 thousand square kilometers. The population of the region is 38 thousand people, urban population – 24%. Average density – 27 people per 1 square kilometer. The town of Voronovo is the centre of the region. The region includes the settlement of Radun, 338 villages, 13 rural councils.

The region is located within the bounds of the Lida plain.

The relief is mostly flat. The prevalent height is 160-180 meters above sea-level. The highest point – 215 meters (near the village of Trakeli).

 Minerals: peat, loam, sand-gravel materials.

Rivers: the Zhizhma, the Ditva (with the Radunka tributary), the right tributaries of the Neman. Forests are coniferous and spruce. There are birches and alders in the river valleys. Forests cover 26% of the territory of the region. Soils are sod-podzol, bogged and peat and moory.

The total area of farm land makes 86.3 thousand hectares including 23.4 thousand hectares of reclaimed land. There are 16 kolkhozes and 4 sovkhozes in the region. Agricultural companies are mainly involved in cattle breeding, flax growing, cultivation of grain and forage crops, potato.

Companies are mainly involved in the processing of agricultural products and manufacture of construction materials.

A railway line and a motorway Voronovo-Vilnius and a motorway Grodno-Radun-Vilnius cross the region. There are 13 secondary, 17 basic and 16 primary schools in the region, 22 pre-school establishments, vocational school #190, two residential schools, one sports and six music schools, 42 clubs, 48 libraries and 36 medical establishments.

Specimen of architecture: John the Baptist Cathedral (1900-1906) in the village of Bekenoki, a park (the second half of the 18th – beginning of the 19th centuries) in the village of Bolteniki, the Gaitiunishki House-Fortress and Gaitiunishki Chapel, a park (the end of the 18th century) in the village of Gorodno, a Roman-Catholic Church (1789) in the village of Zhirmuny, St. Peter and Paul Roman-Catholic Church (1803-1812) in the village of Zabolot, the Heart of Jesus Cathedral (1916) in the village of Konvelishki.

Voronovo Regional Executive Committee