Republic of Belarus Grodno Grodno Oblast
Executive Committee

Reception room

Oblast executive committee address:
3 Ozheshko Street, Grodno, 230023
Reception room: (city code 0152) 72 31 90
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A park of stone sculptures will open in Grodno in September. The decision was made following an open-air session in stone carving that took place in the village of Pushkari near Grodno on 1-24 August
Regions should set up multi-discipline vocational schools and job-specific resource centers, Deputy Education Minister of Belarus Vasily Budkevich said at a teachers’ conference in Grodno on 21 August
The international conference of illusionists and magicians will be held on 21 September. The program of the festival features seminars and master classes for fledging magicians, presentation and a trade show of magicians’ accessories. The young magicians ...
A congress of foster parents is scheduled for 2015 in Belarus, Maria Sorotnik, the head of the department for social, educational and ideological affairs at the Education Ministry, announced during the videoconference with education managers and ...
This large-scale festivity which expands its boundaries every year will comprise numerous competitions, exhibitions, concerts and shows. On 22 August the fair will open with a historical and local lore conference to discuss the role of the Sapiehas in the ...
The industrial potential of the Chinese province will be presented by nearly 50 companies. Among them will be agricultural and mechanical engineering producers, representatives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Partaking in the exhibition will ...
General avenues of the mutually beneficial cooperation were discussed at the meeting of the Gansu Province delegation and the Grodno Oblast administration on 26 June
The project targets, first of all, tourists from Belarus, Lithuania and Poland. This new tourist product is part of the international technical aid program “Improvement of cross-border region attractiveness through the introduction of ethno-cultural ...
Plans have been made to adopt the law on public private partnership in Belarus in 2015. The preparation of the bill was discussed at the session of the Economic Policy Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus in Grodno ...
In addition to Belarusian choirs, the festival participants will feature four teams from Russia, three from Ukraine, two from Poland, and two teams from Romania and Armenia (one from each country).
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